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Atom Learning 

If your child is applying to a UK independent school, the first step is usually the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Test, the UKiset Test or the school’s own test. These are computerised assessments comprising tests in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. 

ISEB Pre-Test 

This test is commissioned by GL Assessment. It is taken in Year 6 or Year 7 and can only be taken once per academic year. It may be taken at the current school all in one day or on separate dates. The test comprises online tests in English (25 minutes), maths (50 minutes), non-verbal reasoning (32 minutes) and verbal reasoning (36 minutes). If your child is successful in these online tests there may be further assessments set by the school. Students taking this test are typically 10 to 12 years old. 


This test is created in conjunction with the CEM examination board and is often used for international students seeking entry to UK independent schools. There are two English language tests. One is a computer-based test and covers reading and listening, the other is a writing task. There are also reasoning tests which include verbal reasoning (problem solving with English words), non-verbal reasoning (problem solving with images, geometry, shapes and sequences) and mathematical reasoning (computation, arithmetic, numbers, quantity and scale). Students taking this test must be between 9.5 and 18 years old. 

Atom Prime 

We are in the unique position among tutors of being able to offer our students free access to Atom Learning’s school platform, Atom Prime. This allows us as tutors to set suitable homework related to the topics taught each week. Atom Learning is a fully adaptive online learning platform with more than 20,000 questions designed by teachers in the U.K. Using this platform alongside tuition with Juliet or Richard gives students the ultimate preparation for sitting their pre-tests. 

We have used Atom Learning with our own children and students. The feedback from them is that they are motivated by being able to choose an avatar and receive reward badges. The questions are realistic and getting used to answer online questions within a time limit helps to improve speed. The platform is also beneficial because it gives instant feedback on whether a question is right or wrong. If it is wrong it offers an explanation. There is also the ability to attempt topics again if they have not been fully understood. 

Atom Nucleus 

Cambridge Academic Tuition also has an exclusive offer for the home version of the platform, Atom Nucleus. By using the link on this page, our students will benefit from a 10% discount should they wish to continue beyond the 5-day free trial. 

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