Tutoring Testimonials

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Elena, Mother of a Year 7 Student

"My daughter was doing extremely well at a local school but lacked self belief and confidence to prepare her for 11+ entrance exams which she was due to sit at a school in a new area as the family was relocating. My daughter loved her lessons with Juliet and her confidence just grew not only in terms of her academic subjects but her whole insight into learning. She developed this amazing self belief of "yes, I can do this" which I put down to Juliet's inspiration and techniques. As a result of Juliet's wonderful methods and guidance my daughter flew through the entrance exams at two UK independent schools. Thank you Juliet."

Dillon, Father of a Year 5 Student

"Juliet tutored my daughter when she was in Year 5 and I am pleased to say that it has been one of the best decisions we have made. 

Over the course of her sessions we have seen a material improvement in our daughter's academic achievements and her confidence and understanding of core subjects such as English and Maths. We believe this is attributable to the time she has spent each week with Juliet. As a testament to this, she recently passed the entrance test to a highly academic school. 

Juliet is very knowledgeable about the subject matter of school curricular and entrance exams. Any child would benefit from the guidance, patience and support. I would certainly make no hesitation in recommending Juliet as the preferred tutor to any parent who is looking to provide the best assistance and quality to support their child."

Natalie, Mother of a Year 6 Student

"Juliet tutored my daughter while she prepared for the 11 plus exam. She was tutored in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Juliet fully engaged with my daughter who passed the exam and was offered places at three different schools.  Juliet was reliable, punctual and very well informed about the subjects taught."

Richard, Father of a Year 6 Student

"I am delighted with the tuition provided by Juliet. My daughter progressed greatly in her academic abilities and exam technique. Her motivation and confidence also improved and she was awarded six academic scholarships. I could not be happier and am confident that we chose the best private tutor to help with the 11 plus exams. Online tutoring was very convenient and was exciting for my daughter."

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Lucy, Mother of a Year 5 Student

"Juliet is a great tutor. My daughter has improved a great deal in her maths (which is what I originally concentrated on for my daughter). Juliet is well organised, explains the subject that she is teaching clearly in many ways so my daughter has no problem in understanding. She is a fantastic tutor!"

Donna, Mother of a Year 5 and Year 7 Student

"Juliet has done such a good job with my daughter who has now started high school, we now have lessons for my son too who's coming on in leaps and bounds. Juliet is extremely knowledgeable, patient and calm. Both children really enjoy their lessons with her. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Natasha, Mother of a Year 6 Student

"Juliet supported my son in preparation for his Year 6 SATS enabling him to gain in confidence and achieve great results. Highly recommended."

Hannah, Mother of a Year 6 and Year 8 Student

"Exceptional tutor. Juliet is talented, dedicated, supportive and very passionate with lots of patience. I would recommend her."

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Amanda, Mother of a Year 5 Student

"My daughter looks forward to every lesson and happily completes her weekly homework. Juliet is a very dedicated tutor with expert knowledge of the entrance exam system. I have total faith in her ability to bring out the best in every child she teaches."

Demi, Guardian of Year 5 Student from China

"Juliet is nice and friendly. She is a very experienced tutor. We glad that we found her."

Julie, Mother of a Year 6 Student

"Juliet tutored our daughter for her 11+ exam, the sessions were structured and well planned. She was patient and helpful and always took time to explain to us what work had been covered. Our daughter enjoyed the sessions and they helped build and enhance her knowledge which has been of great benefit. I would highly recommend Juliet."

Paula, Mother of a Year 13 Student

"My 18 year old daughter received tuition from Juliet for A-Level Biology. During the time with her she managed to improve her results by 3 grades and is now enjoying her first year at University. Juliet tailored the sessions to the modules my daughter was working on or needed help with. I would strongly recommend Juliet to anyone who needs some extra tuition to achieve their goals."